Our services are wide and varied as we have many years of experience of moving just about anything!

"Our 3.5 tonne panel long-wheel base vans are usually transporting palletised loads (each vehicle can take up to 3 pallets), but that is not the only thing we do..."

Refrigerated and frozen food transport

We have a dedicated 3.5 tonne long-wheel base van suitable for delivering frozen and refrigerated food. It has a controllable refrigeration unit capable of chilling foods, or storing them below freezing temperatures for any frozen deliveries. For additional peace of mind, it has additional overnight stand-by connectivity.

I.T. Equipment

Having worked within the IT industry and been around computer parts for years, we understand the sensitivity of the equipment involved - and we have special foam padded IT containers to ensure the safe and secure transportation of pretty much any IT equipment, be it Servers, PC's, Monitors, Server Racks, Comms Cabinets... all the way down to tablets! 

Paper Shredding

Another of our vans has been uniquely customised as a paper-shredding and document destruction vehicle. This service has developed in response to the need for small businesses to dispose of their obsolete paper records - and this is of course done in line with the industry standards and guidelines.

This can be provided either on a contractual regular basis, or a one off "as and when" service for those who may not have quite as much to shred. The beauty of this is that you don't necessarily have to pay for a regular shredding service that doesn't meet your requirements.

We conform to all legal requirements and also produce a certificate of destruction following each service for your added peace of mind.

Emergency Shipments/Overnight Express

Having worked in logistics and the delivery business for quite some time, we are aware that on occasion things don't quite go to plan. Last minute deliveries can be awkward and stressful to arrange - but not with us! We offer a atraight forward Emergency Shipment service that is supported by our On Call delivery drivers - once a request is made they are on the move within 30 minutes.

Removals (Home or Business)

Even though our company is growing and expanding, we have kept our Home Removals service available to people in the local area. We provide an affordable removable service which will often be much cheaper than the cost of the many multi-national companies.


Our base is a 3,000 square foot unit which has easy access to the motorway network. The building itself is protected by CCTV cameras and secure perimeter fencing, along with the contents being insured against loss or theft.

We use this space for a variety of purposes (all monitored securely with internal CCTV)

  • Freight Forwarding (Long or Short Term)
  • Household Furniture
  • Document Storage
  • Antiques and Collectables
  • Classic Vehicles

(We will require a written inventory and estimated worth of all boxed goods which you intend to store with us and reserve the right to decline items which we deem unsafe, or are hazardous in nature)

"Eldridian-Store" Service

Alternatively, we offer an all-encompassing service whereby we provide you with the required number of boxes to pack your goods into; Once they are packed and sealed (we will provide you with our own branded tape) we collect them from you and store them until you require them again. As part of this service, the cost we calculate will include the delivery of your stored boxes to your new location.

So you pay once, for all of the moves and the warehousing - keeping it nice and simple!